Do you know the 10 rare and unknown facts about Alia Bhatt?

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Here are 10 lesser-known facts about Alia Bhatt:


1. Alia never wanted to be launched by her father in her first movie. She actually gave the audition for Student of the year, like 500 other girls. She was selected by Karan Johar.

2. Alia was overweight during her childhood and earned the title of ‘Aloo’ from her childhood friends. She lost 16 kgs from 67 kgs in just three months for the auditions for Student of the Year.
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3. She was first seen as a child artist in the film Sangharsh(1999). She played the younger Preity Zinta in the movie.
4. Alia Bhatt is a trained dancer from Shiamak Davar’s Academy as also took training in AR Rahman’s music school. She has also done playback singing for movies like “Highway” and “Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania”.
5. She has been brought up as an atheist by her father and has not been made to follow any religion since her childhood.


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6. Alia Bhatt is a big fan of Kareena Kapoor and has been compared with Bebo on many occasions.
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7. Alia Bhatt is a fitness freak and health-conscious, she believes in keeping an eye on her weight by consuming fresh fruits and vegetables. Her favorite foods include Pasta, Dosa, Cheese, Rabri and Kheer.
8. Most of her fans would also be surprised to know her love for men’s perfumes rather than ladies’ perfumes. The smell is the first thing she is attracted to when it comes to someone’s personality.
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9. Besides movies, she also supports PETA and shot a special ad for them, in support of cats and homeless animals.
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10. She has a younger sister Shaheen. Pooja Bhatt and Rahul Bhatt are her step-siblings. Her ancestry is very interesting as she is half Kashmiri and German on her mother’s side and Gujrati from her dad’s side.
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Some more details about Alia Bhatt (Wikipedia)
  • Her nickname is Aloo which means Potato!
  • Alia Bhatt drinks alcohol.
  • She does not smoke.
  • She does not know cooking.
  • She may come across as a bubbly, peppy and outgoing girl.
  • She is very fond of cold beverages, rather than hot ones.
  • Alia doesn’t want to marry a guy who is like her father.
  • She gets attracted to smell first than any other thing.
  • Alia wants to marry a man who can be her best friend and make her laugh.
  • Her first celebrity crush was Shahrukh Khan, second celebrity crush was Shahid Kapoor and current celebrity crush is Ranbir Kapoor.
  • She also took part in a campaign for PETA to raise awareness about homeless animals.
  • She gets very nervous while traveling by air.
  • Out of all the movies directed by her father, Alia wants to be a part of Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahi and Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke.
  • She loves to party and enjoy with friends.
  • She is born as an atheist. (disbelieves in the existence of God or gods)
  • She is so flexible that she can twist her knee clockwise and touch her toe to head.
  • Believe it or not, but she is seen wearing men’s perfume rather trying some female ones.
  • She has got both critics as well as audience appreciation for her acting in the movie “Highway”.
  • She hates candlelight dinner.
  • Five important things she grabs so that she feels at home wherever she goes are: Moisturizing cream, socks, a book, comfortable pyjamas and a small pillow.
  • She likes funny guys with personality, tall guys with a stubble and a big Adam’s apple.
  • 400 girls were auditioned before finally signing Alia Bhatt for 2012 film “Student of the Year”.
  • She can sleep for fourteen hours at a stretch.
  • Alia considers Parineeti Chopra to be her biggest competition.
  • She also doesn’t mind catching on with some sleep when she is free.
  • She likes to paint lions.
  • Alia has an uncanny resemblance to Anaida, the yester year pop sensation.
  • She is also a big fan of dancing and tries to explore different forms.
  • Alia Bhatt has lost 15 kg weight within 3 months by personal trainer and strict dieting for her debut movie Student of the Year.
  • She has performed at the Filmfare, Screen, and Stardust award ceremonies, and has also participated in a stage show in Hong Kong alongside Varun Dhawan and Siddharth Malhotra.
  • She is an expert handball player.
  • When she wants to feel sexy she wears anything black.
  • She didn’t like plants that were higher than her calves.
  • She is an expert handball player.
  • She also likes her nose in her features.
  • She has a major craving for dahi or yogurt and orders a portion even when she is eating Italian and Mexican food.
  • she is a big fan of Kareena Kapoor though she never copies her.
  • She is very good friends with designer Masaba Gupta and they call their gang of girls as ‘Spice Girls.’
  • She likes dimple on her cheeks and her smile.
  • She wishes to go for shopping in malls and public places as a common girl not as a celebrity.
  • She also appeared in a short comedy video made by AIB titled ” Genius of the Year“.
  • Bhatt has performed playback singing for the song “Sooha Saaha” in Highway (2014).
  • A. R. Rahman, the composer of the film, invited her to his music school to undergo training for the songs.
  • She also follows stretching yoga postures which gives her a good cardiovascular workout, which helps her to be in a perfect shape.
  • She loved her loneliness. During her school days, she was much known for being dreamer and brooder. She was often seen alone without her friends at a time.
  • She wished to do Aashiqui 2.
  • She always avoids all the unhealthy, oily and junk foods for her diet.
  • She wants to own a house in London.
  • She was first seen as a child artist in Sangharsh in 1999. She played the younger Preity Zinta in the movie.
  • She did not want her debut film to be produced and directed by her father, Mahesh Bhatt.
  • She is a mama’s girl and dreams of working together with her someday.
  • Her mother tongue is Punjabi and she likes to speak Punjabi.
  • She likes good looking, tall and handsome boys and turns towards them due to their perfume and sense of humor.
  • Low carb and high protein diet, fibrous diet being the orbit of her diet plan.
  • She sang the unplugged version of the song “Samjhawan” in Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania.
  • Alia maintains her zero figure by practicing Ashtanga Yoga two days in a week, which help her stay calm and keeps her skin glowing.
  • She starts with a few cycles of Surya Namaskar in the morning.
  • Alia makes paintings with charcoal to relax in her free time.
  • She loves ballet and Kathak.
  • She was the student of Jamnabai Narsee School IBDP and she completed her high school in May 2011.
  • The most interesting facts about the young and charming actress are that she performs all her workouts on her own without being monitored by an expert.
  • She is very fond of eating French Fries and relishes them at any time of the day.
  • She performed at a charity event to raise funds for the flood-affected victims of Uttarakhand along with Varun Dhawan, Huma Qureshi, , Siddharth Malhotra and Aditya Roy Kapoor.
  • She launched her own line of clothing for women, in association with the online fashion portal jabong.
  • She is also the celebrity endorser for a number of products and brands including Maybelline, Coca-Cola, and Garnier.
  • She is a pro at handball and had enrolled in Shiamak Davars dancing school at 4.
  • Alia has a twitter handle, but does not tweet much. She mostly follows the activities of her family members.
  • She usually prefers a glass of vegetable juice along with a fruit.
  • She prefers eating dal, roti, and vegetables.
  • She loves to indulge in Kheer, Rabri, and Pasta and drinks lots of water to stay healthy and hydrated.
  • She like an idli with sambhar with a cup of tea or coffee without sugar.
  • Her dinner includes rice, vegetables, chapatti with a bowl of dal or with a piece of chicken breast.
  • She includes healthy meals such as sambhar, pasta, idli, dosa and nutrient dense foods such as papaya, salads, chicken breast, oatmeal’s, yogurts, fresh fruits in her diet.
  • She makes it a point to drink plenty of water throughout the day and take her vitamin supplements.
  • Once a week, she goes for cheat meal where she indulges in her cravings such as noodles, soft drinks, the occasional burger with fries but makes sure that she consumes everything in moderation.
  • Alia is closer to her mother, Soni Razdan, than her father. In fact, she warmed up to daddy dearest only after she started her Bollywood journey.
  • She drinks Kaju milk at night.
  • She shoots for Dabboo Ratnani Calendar for many years.
  • She might be a superstar but she ensures she maintains her off-screen friendships.
  • Alia is actually an introvert in real life.
  • She worked very hard for her bikini scene in the movie “Shaandaar” directed by Vikas Bahl and stars Shahid Kapoor in the lead role.
  • She is ecstatic with Katrina Kaif’s praise for her bikini scene.
  • She wants to do a biopic on Nazia Hassan, the Pakistani pop singer.
  • Many jokes have been cracked at Alia Bhatt’s expense.
  • It had begun with Koffee With Karan where she had named Prithviraj Chauhan when asked as to who was the President of India.
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