How to write an Powerful Effective Articles for SEO

How to write powerful articles.

Introduction – Article writing rules

what is an article?

An article is a piece of writing which we usually find printed in magazines and newspapers.
Format for Article writing

⇾ Heading – byline – for example, Date, Name, Place, Newspaper, Content.

Article writing rules

Rules for writing an effective article:

Rule: 1

Heading – 
⇾ The first letter of every word capital – for example: How to wash a car without water.
⇾ Eye Catching Content should be written.
⇾ Should give a crisp idea of the theme.

Rule: 2

By Line –
⇾ Essential
⇾ Name of the writer
⇾ Date, and Place.

Rule: 3

Introductory paragraph (opening of an article) –
⇾ Catch attention
⇾ Create interest
⇾ Clear & Precise language
⇾ Planned to be written.

Rule: 4

Develop the content use –
⇾ Fact
⇾ Examples
⇾ Logical agreement

Rule: 5

Compare and contrast technique –
⇾ Giving point of view or examples to justify your view point.

Rule: 6

Conclude –
⇾ summing up your views gives offers, suggestions, solution, etc.

Rule: 7

Don’t –
⇾ be too descriptive about irrelevant
⇾ Follow the format and also word limit (if given)
⇾ Thanks for reading I hope you understood about these Article writing rules for beginners.

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