Step by Step Follows 20 On-Page SEO Activities

20 On-Page SEO Activities are very important

Step by Step Follows this On-Page for your New Launch website, Before Starting Off-Page.

What Need to do:-

1. No Index Tags – Test:- This webpage is don’t use the no-index meta tag. This means that your webpage will be read and indexed by search engines.

2. HTTPs Setup – In 2019 SEO SSL Certified website is most important get High SERP, ranking on Google.com

3. Mobile-First Indexing

Here you can easily see in the Last option that is showing “Mobile Page Speed” is means website loading time in slow in Mobile Phones —> Resolve this issue, because it is also one of the most important parts of SEO.

4. Heading Tags Optimization – for example, you have a website like —https://seorush.home.blog then you need to Optimize all important meta tags of this website —>

<h1>Optimize title tag for your website</h1>

<h2/><h3/><h4/> follow this instruction like <h1>tag<h1/>

Optimize Meta title <title>On-Page Activities – SEO Rush – Best Seo Backlink Submission sites list 2019</title>, Meta Description, ALT Tags for Image Optimization. all these steps are important.

5. CTR Optimization – want for information about “CTR Optimation” follow this link: https://ctr.tools/

6. URL Structure – Create Perfect Optimize URL for your every post to Increase your post SERP, on all major Search Engines.

7. Don’t Use Thin Content
8. External Links
9. Internal Linking
10. Analyze SERP Intent
11. Featured Snippets
12. Broken Links Optimized
13. Content Silos
14. Audit E-A-T
15. Keywords Placement
16. Semantics
17. UX & Copywriting
18. Load Time
19. Schema Markup
20. Social Signals

Before going to Start Off-Page, First Do all These On-Page Activities:

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