How to Choose Right Desktop Computer For Gaming!

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Perhaps, it’s the result of persistent technological advancement or the true passion of system builders that we’re presently privileged with multiple options for desktop PC. From All-In-Ones, Giant Towers, to Custom Build, you can prefer to choose anyone that suits your needs & budget. 

Along with different shapes & sizes, they come up with unique features from affordable Chrome-based PC build, especially for lightweight productivity to liquid-cooled gaming pc which pump out buttery smooth rates or faster render times, particularly for high-resolution video editing PC. 

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Instead of working on a 15-inch laptop display, Desktop Computer allows you to stretch your workload across multiple 27-inch or larger screens. Additionally, a desktop can be upgraded easily while most portable devices offer limited upgradability or lack any customization potential that approximately every end-user looks for. 


   All in One PC combines monitor & tower into one device.

   Fewer cables & wires for a tidier workspace.

   Easy to set up & employ.

   Large, ideal, & high-quality display for creative work.

   Smaller & easier to transport than a PC tower. 

Gaming PC: 

   Enjoy the full graphical potential of your favorite gamers.

   Fast processor, excellent graphics card, and RAM for smooth operation.

   Cooling systems are available for peaceful/noise-free running.

   Solid-state drives mean faster load times. 

PC Tower:

     PC Towers feature a separate tower unit that houses various main components.

     Easy to select essential components including graphics cards & hard drives.

     Ideal if you require a powerful machine that doesn’t need to be portable.

Mini PC:

     Small footprint device (about the size of a wireless router).

     Perfect as a media playing PC or streaming device.

     Features are just the basics but it has the best Computer Price.

     Portable & thus, easy to travel with.

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Custom Build:

     Custom Build PC picks only the components you want.

     Can be cheaper than purchasing a prebuilt PC.

     A great option for game enthusiasts.

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How Can You Choose a Desktop Computer for a Specific Purpose?

Desktop PC for Video Editing:

     Video Editing PC has a powerful processor to handle demanding suites.

     Gaming-quality graphics card for extra power in 4K & beyond.

     Lots of RAM for hassle-free editing.

     All the ports you need to hook up cameras & gear.

video editing pc

Desktop PC for Graphic Design:

     Latest graphics card for 3D Modeling applications.

     Quad-core or higher processors keep things fast.

     16GB of RAM or higher for the most demanding tasks

     High-end display for crisp resolution & accuracy.

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Desktop PC for Gaming:

     High-end graphics card for the latest titles.

     Premium-quality processor & lots of RAM keeps everything running smoothly.

     1TB storage space (or more for games).

     Solid-state drive that keeps the load time low.

     Liquid cooling system for high-intensity performance.

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What Are Important Things You Should Take Into Consideration?

In the current marketplace, we do have myriad Computer Shops that often make us confused. And, if this matches your situation, simply pay attention to the following aspects before buying the device:

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source: (computer-store-in-nehru-place)


Among all, the processor is a key deciding factor behind your desktop’s PC overall performance and is generally a confusing component to compare. While buying it, you should keep a few essential things in minds such as its speed, the total number of cores it has, and more. Additionally, for standard office work & general workstation usage, a typical Intel i3 or Intel i5 is more than enough. Suppose that if you’re performing complex calculations like Photo/Video Editing or CAD Design, then a Higher-End Intel i7 or maybe Xeon processor is worth the investment.

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Truly, memory has a great impact on the performance of your computer, ranging from how many applications you can run at a time. In this, you need to consider the quantity of RAM (which affects the no. of running apps at a particular time) & the speed of the RAM (which affects load time & general speed of a running app). 

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Hard Disk Drive:

Most Desktop Computers rely upon hard drives while a few newer PCs ship with solid-state drives for storing & caching data. SSDs presently are preferable as they’re faster, more durable, & efficient when compared to HDDs. Size & Speed are the 2 main elements to consider when buying a hard drive. A modern desktop computer should’ve at least 1 TB of storage space.

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Video Graphics Card:

If you don’t play high-end games with 3D graphics, you need not select a dedicated graphics card. You can consider buying a DirectX 11 card with at least 2GB of onboard memory. Indeed, picking up a budget video card would be beneficial, if you perform non-3D tasks. Factors to consider when buying a graphics card include the amount of memory on the card, performance, output connector, as well as the version of DirectX supported.

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source: Asus-Nvidia-GeForce-Gaming-Graphics

External Peripheral Connector: 

Undeniably, you have a huge range of options for desktop computers. But, before making a purchasing decision, you should check how many and what types of external ports are available. To the best of our knowledge, it is suggested to opt for a device having at least 6 USB ports. 


The processor is the next and essential part of a desktop computer as it affects the performance of the device. The Windows operating system comes with different features and you can buy the one depending on your specific needs be it for home, enterprise, or education. So, prior to purchasing, you should determine your specific requirements. 

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Final Words: 

Throughout the article, we’ve discussed Desktop Computers along with different types & purposes and also their key components. Hopefully, this information will assist you to make an appropriate decision if you are thinking of buying an ideal device be it for personal use or business purpose. The best part is that today you can find many Computer Stores offering a huge range of products under the label of renowned brands at affordable Desktop Computer Prices. You can consider buying the one which suits your requirement precisely.

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