How to Create a WordPress Website?

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Website Creation Process Step by Step for Beginners

How to Install WordPress?

WordPress Installation Process:

Few Important Info about WordPress:

– WordPress is worlds no 1 CMS
– 60 Millions People were currently using this CMS
– 1000+ Plugin has available for wordpress
– 1000+ theme has avilable for wordpress no need to coding
– Very easy to create a dynamic website

WordPress Image – Example

Now Start WordPress Download Process Step by Step.
-Wordpress Download
-Wordpress Run Karne Ke Liye Hume PHP Server ki need hoti hai.

XAMPP Image – Example

XAMP Apache + MariaDB + PHP + Perl download

Xampp Download karne ke baad humare Computer ke Cpannel me XAMPP ka Control Pannel aa jayega.

– Xampp ke control pannel se Hume Apache or MySQL ko Download Karna hai.
– Ab hum WordPress ZIP(Jo Humne download kiya to use) Extract Kar Lenge Wordpress install karne ke liye hume HTDocs ka ShortCut Banana Hota Hai. 
– Fir hum WordPress Folder ko HTdocs me rakhenge
– Iske Baad Hum Apna Browser Open Karenge

And Now Search this on Your Browser:
– Search localhost/PHPMyAdmin/
– Then go to the Database and Create New DataBase and Put your WordPress DataBase Name,
– and then Search localhost/folder name-Jaha and WordPress ko dala Hoga
-Setup Your WordPress
-Select Language
Next Option 
-Database Name
-Database Username
-Database password
-Database host

> Database Name — WordPress
> Username — root(username humesha Default me root hota hai isliye hum username me root liking)
> Password — Password ko Blank Chord de
> Host — localhost

Now Submit!

Run the Install

-Site Title — put your site title name
-username — admin
-password — put your password
-Email — put your email

Click on Install WordPress.

Now You Can See Your WordPress, Landing Page.

Website Creation Process Step by Step

tag line

For change site icon image

-site identity
-site icon

For change Image & logo

-Image & logo

For change Title

-site identity
-site title

For change tag line

-site identity

Menu Creation

first of all, create the page
how to create a page
-add a new page(create a page title, fill description)
-most resent
-add menu 
-save menu

Page Creation

–    Dashboard
–    pages
–    Add a new page(create a page title, fill description)
–    Publish

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