Top 20 SEO Tools of 2023 – 100% Beneficial

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seo tools

List of SEO tools

#1 – Google Page Speed Insights

Google Page Speed Insights

Google Page Speed Insights – This Tool is used to check website loading speed.

Google Page Speed Insight is an excellent free page speed testing tool. Once you insert the URL of the page you want to check, it gives you an overall score for page speed. Based on that score, it tells you whether the web page is fast, average, or slow. by google

Google Page Speed Check Example – For Mobile.

seoxim mobile speed test


seoxim mobile speed test 2


seoxim mobile speed test 3

seoxim mobile speed test 4


seoxim mobile speed test 5

Google Page Speed Check Example – For Desktop

seoxim desktop speed test


seoxim desktop speed test 1



#2 – Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner – For Keywords Research.

#3 – Google Trends

Google Trends – For Trending research Purpose Only.

#4 – Google Analytics

Google Analytics – Google Analytics is the Primary tool of google that shows us website traffic reports. 
How many unique visitors?
Returning visitors.
Bounce Rate.
How many pages were seen on the website?
and many more we can check and track with the google analytics tool.

#5 – Answer the public

Answer the public – Is Mainly used for keyword research.

#6 – Keywords Tool io 

These websites find also keywords for us – this tool suggests all related keywords according to search engine algorithms.

#7 – Moz Bar 

This tool indicates our website’s domain authority score and page authority score, also provides us with in-depth backlink reports with typical spam scores, and helps us to find the best and high-quality backlinking website data. 

#8 – SEO Quake 

SEO Quake – Knowing the many SEO Related Info about the websites.

#9 – Copyscape Tool 

Copyscape tool – This website shows the details about our website content that anyone can copy for their website or blogs or not.

#10 – GT Metrix

GT Metrix – For Checking Website Speed. Load timing Info.

#11 – Hoot Suite

Hoot Suite – Is mainly used for social media channel distribution.

#12 – Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine – Is Mainly used to know the website’s Historical data recognization.

#13 – Sitemap Generator

Sitemap Generator – For auto Generating XML Sitemap for our websites.

#14 – SEO Site Check-up

SEO Site Check-up tool – mainly used for SEO Audits 

#15 – SEOptimer 

SEOptimer Tool is also creating a Detail SEO Audit report for our websites. aur Is tool se hum ye bhi jaan sakte hai ki humein apni website mein kaha improve Karne ki jarurat hai.

#16 – Small Keyword Tool

Small Keyword Tool – this may help with various info related to SEO… But now particularly we are using these tools for the right targeted keywords for our website. 

#17 – Google Incognito window:

Opening a google search in chrome’s Incognito window to know the trending keyword searches. because the incognito tab doesn’t fetch the browser history or cookies. that the incognito tab shows the right results.

#18 – Use Cache:

This is not a particular tool – It is google spider that crawls the pages of our websites
For Example – Search any keyword in google search and tap
click your mouse right side of the URL end.
then open the cache page – where you can see the crawl date.

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